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Digital electronic

Type coding

electronic ballast for UVC lamps

singl lamp ballast

twin lamp ballast

permitted range of lamp power

cut off technology

rapid start

dim interface 1–10 V DC

potential free relay contact

external start input

RS-485 interface

adjustable range of lamp current

Digital electronic ballasts with RS-485 interface

The digital electronic ballasts with RS-485 interface allowing to connect up to 32 ballast. It can be used an advanced condition monitoring and remote control.

The advanced condition monitoring gives more information such as ballast temperature, main voltage, lamp voltage and lamp current. Furthermore our ballast has an operating time and start counter.

The UVC-lamps can be dimmed or completely disconnected via the interface.

Standardly the ballast used the Modbus RTU protocol. It is also possible to implement your own protocol in the ballast.

Another advantage of our digital electronic ballasts is the universality. Lamps with different wattages, preheat- and lamp currents can be driven by the same ballast.

This minimizes the variety of types and simplifies the storage at our clients.

Further our digital ballasts are designed in Cut Off technology, decreasing the temperature around the filaments of the lamps and cut the own losses of the ballasts.

The preheat start treats the lamps with care for longer life time and enables a frequent switching of the lamps. Additionally we offer digital ballasts for two-pole low pressure lamps, starting the lamps without preheating in rapid start modus.

The use of microcontroller technology offers significant advantages as:

  • Up to 10 adjustable preheating-and lamp currents
  • Cut Off technology for longer lamp life and increased energy efficiency
  • Remote control and monitoring via RS-485 interface
  • Monitoring temperature
  • Monitoring power supply
  • End of life switch lamps
  • Failure display by blinking LED and via RS-485 interface
  • Exact preheating of electrodes at each start
  • Independent operation of each lamp channel at twin lamp ballast
  • Potential free relay contact
  • External start input
  • Dim interface 1-10 V DC



LT-UVC 1x(40..150)W-C/D/M/I 0,8..1,5A

LT-UVC 1x(80..200)W-C/D/M/I 1,2..2,1A

LT-UVC 1x(80..200)W-C/D/M/I 1,8..2,9A

LT-UVC 1x(200..400)W-C/D/M/I 1,8..2,9A

LT-UVC 1x(200..400)W-C/D/M/I 3,2..4,8A