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Electronic ballasts for UVC-low pressure lamps

The electronic ballasts for UVC-low pressure lamps are designed to control standard-, high output-and amalgam lamps. Further we offer ballasts for special lamps, tailored by our customers.

Our ballasts are used in a wide field of installations for water-and air treatment like:




drinking water refresh air  
industrial water exhaust air  
waste water kitchen hoods  
green houses    
swimming pools    

The ballasts for UVC-low pressure lamps are offered in a range of lamp power from 4 to 480 W in different technologies. We offer additionally to the Economy versions for 230 V AC and 110 V AC input voltage microprozessor controlled ballasts. These ballasts offer many advantages and opportunities in comparison to previous versions.

Ballasts with universal input voltage from 86 to 264 V AC are designed for customers, working on changing mains. Further are low voltage ballasts available with 12 V DC or 24 V DC input voltage.