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LT ELEKTRONIK GERA GmbH has been established in 1997.
The main fields of business are the development, manufacturing and sales of electronic ballasts, used to operate low pressure fluorescent- and uv-lamps within a lamp power range from 4 W to 480 W.
Further we offer a comprising Electronic Manufacturing Services for clients, having no own development and production of electronic devices in responsibility.
LT ELEKTRONIK GERA GmbH could strengthen his position in the international market by permanent enlargement and improvement of the product lines.
Most modern equipment for production and testing guarantees highest standards in manufacturing and quality assurance.
The production site is certified acc. to. ISO 9001:2008.
All products being offered and supplied are ROHS conform.


The extraordinarily close and intense co-operation between the team of Sales, Development, Production and Quality Assurance is the key of our success.
In our focus of work stands the

  • uncompromising reliability and safety of our products and services together with fair prices
  • flexibility and fulfilment of our commercial obligations in time
  • permanent maintenance of our know-how, early identification and incorporation of new trends and requirements by our customers
  • close partnership with our customers to achieve their technical and commercial goals