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  • LT
    EVG with fixed input voltage
  • LTW
    EVG with wide input voltage
  • C
    Cut Off Technology
  • R or K
    Rapid start Technology
  • D
    dimmable 1-10 V
  • M or F/M
    potential-free reporting contact
  • E
    external start input
  • B
    Lamp current range adjustable in stages
  • F
    external potential-free LED status display
  • I
    RS-485 Interface

System solutions for UV-LED


We offer a comprehensive service package for your system solution with UV-LED

  • Selection of the right UV-LED for your application
  • Design of the UV modules or UV systems according to your specifications
  • LED driver with function monitoring of all UV-LED
  • Thermal managment


Could we draw your interest? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you, and we willingly spend the time for a personal discussion with you.




Compared to low and medium pressure UVC lamps, UVC LEDs have the following advantages, among others. The low and medium pressure UVC lamps need a few minutes to reach 100% of the disinfection performance. UVC LEDs have their maximum disinfection performance almost immediately after being switched on.


The disinfection performance of low and medium pressure UVC lamps also depends on the lamp temperature. This leads to restrictions in the area of application or additional measures. UVC LEDs have a constant disinfection performance over a comparatively large temperature range.


Our specialists will be happy to support you.